2021 Real Learning Summit

Meet Keynote Speaker Heather E. McGowan

Heather McGowan

Heather E. McGowan

Future-of-work strategist Heather E. McGowan helps leaders prepare their people and organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution was marked by computerization and automation of physical labor, laying the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will be notable for the rapid advancement of technology tools into the domain of human knowledge work. In this world, humans must continuously learn and adapt, and with this transition comes information overload. Heather gives lucidity to the complex topic of the future of work through her illuminating graphic frameworks and powerful metaphors, all backed by deep research.

In 2017, LinkedIn ranked her as its number one global voice for education. Pulitzer Prize–winning NYT columnist Thomas Friedman frequently quotes Heather in his books and columns and describes her as “the oasis” when it comes to insights into the future of work. Heather’s sessions help employees and leaders alike prepare for and adapt to jobs that do not yet exist.

For the 2020 Real Learning Summit, Heather set the stage for our discussion about the imperative of lifelong learning with compelling data and examples of challenges and solutions. Watch Heather’s 2020 presentation: Continuous Learning and the Future of Work Today

This year we asked Heather to come back and talk with us about her predictions for the Future of Work and the 2020 disruption. Register now for Heather’s Real Learning Summit Keynote, Update on the Future of Work 2021.